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Managing outputs, attendance and time

Issue 5 2020, Asset Management, EAS, RFID

Some of the biggest challenges in dealing with large-scale labour-intensive projects (such as the ones run by the Department of Public Works under the Expanded Public Works Programme banner), are that it is difficult to establish control of a number of variables on a site on any given day. Now, thanks to the MOAT (Managing Outputs Attendance and Time) Technologies System, funders, implementing agents, managers and contractors are able to verify real-time, daily evidence of in-field attendance, productivity and asset tracking, using an Android-based smartphone.

The MOAT Technologies System, created by LEAD Associates, with many years of experience in running in-field projects, is modular, adaptable, can be customised to include client-specific requirements, is job-card enabled and is able to provide executable and auditable data.

Grant Trebble.

Grant Trebble.

“Our system is so stable that our teams have been able to move quickly to customise our existing in-field management system, as a COVID-19 policy compliance tool, to ensure strengthened health and safety monitoring and compliance, enabling employees to be safely redeployed into the field at the earliest possible opportunity,” says Grant Trebble, a director of LEAD Associates and CEO of MOAT Technologies.

“The system is currently being assessed to assist with the movement, tracking and capturing of COVID-19 affected patients between various centres, as well as monitoring compliance within the manufacturing space,” he adds.

The system gives senior managers a real-time view of in-field operations that significantly improves productivity, reduces shrinkage through barcode enabled asset tracking and reduces risk to managers and employees through ensuring that workers comply with health and safety standards. In addition, the time saved by administrators through electronic capturing of data that is auditable is of tremendous value.

Each click or input is geo-referenced, date and time stamped, and when there is data (connectivity) available in the field, syncs live to the client server, otherwise syncing takes place as soon as a data connection becomes available. It combines manual and/or biometric time clocking systems and also makes provision for photographic proof which is always geo-located, date and time stamped. Over 30 report options exist which will cover most clients’ needs.

The MOAT system provides:

• Production-driven contractors with a management tool to develop, professionalise and grow their businesses with scheduled health, safety and plant/equipment/vehicle inspections for daily reports.

• A verifiable vehicle logbook through photographs and manual input of the odometer reading at the beginning and end of the day’s work, ensuring payments for legitimate travel claims.

• Verification that all workers have full PPE (personal protective equipment), first aid and equipment as required by the contract and the BCEA.

• Exportable data for customised reports.

• Project asset tracking enabled through built-in barcode scanning options.

• Verified daily tasks and outputs through fixed-point photography and tracking daily work boundaries.

• A sightings report for unforeseen occurrences that need to be captured.

• Contractors with task and contract specific reminders with daily inventory controls.

All that is required to achieve this array of outcomes is an Android smartphone with a minimum operating system of Android 6, a compatible Bluetooth fingerprint reader (which is optional) to ensure correct and accurate integration between the device and system, and a management directive to workers to use the tool properly.

The highest levels of security are provided in order to maintain the integrity of the system and the protection of information. In addition, the system is tested repeatedly and regularly.

Other modules currently being explored include a manager’s app for monitoring, evaluation and verification, APIs to national databases such as Home Affairs and eNATIS, and integration with MOAT’s partner project management system, and a live staff tracking system called ‘Tracking in Time’.

For more information contact Grant Trebble, LEAD Associates,

Managing: providing real-time data across all operations is essential for effective planning and budgeting. If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it.

Outputs: for task-based projects that are output focused.

Attendance: remote and in-field teams are always difficult to monitor, until now.

Time: time costs money and MOAT saves a lot of both.

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