Managing Outputs And Time
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South Africa needs now, more than ever, a Monitoring and Evaluation system that is robust, simple to use, cost-effective and provides…..


… no place to hide when taxpayers’ money and donor funds were being deployed.”


“The problem in South Africa is not that we don’t have money for social and economic development, service delivery or critical environmental interventions, it is that the money that is allocated is either misspent or paid out without proven outputs, delivery or productivity,” says MOAT Technologies CEO, Grant Trebble.

“In some instances, 50% of the work is not undertaken and, the work that is done, is, often, not completed to contractual requirements. MOAT Technologies’ vision was to develop a system that ensured there was no place to hide when taxpayers’ money and donor funds were being deployed.”

“Our EPWP module, deployed within municipal projects and the Non-profit sector, has, in some cases within well-run projects, improved productivity by 20%, ensured participants are properly and safely equipped and has reduced incorrect attendance and mileage claims. Imagine the improvement to water security, biodiversity and service delivery if all the thousands of EPWP teams, similarly, improved their outputs, time management, financial tracking and record keeping.” 



Mobile Phone/Web Based

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PPE/Equipment Management


Provide Project Management Tools


Geo Located Manual/Fingerprint Staff Clock In.


Real-Time Reporting and Task Management


Significantly Increase Service Delivery


Reduce Fraud and Corruption


Reports and Statistics

The Mobile App

  • The M.O.A.T System is modular based and can easily be expanded on as needs change.
  • Is a time clocking system that utilises Manual system and Photo or/and biometrics to secure staff attendance at a place of work which is geo-fenced.
  • Road worthiness inspections on vehicles are done on a daily basis.
  • Accurate logbook for the vehicle is kept for the vehicle on site through photo and manual input of the odometer reading at the beginning and end of the day’s work.
  • Scanning of drivers license and vehicle license disk can be included with necessary hardware.
  • Contractors/team leaders can place requests for damaged or lost PPE/Equipment/Chemicals based on daily reports.
  • Daily field work is reported correctly and truly by the contractor/team leader through fixed point photography and tracking boundary of daily work.
  • Spotting of rare species sightings important for biodiversity reports on site.
  • Basic HIRA reporting.
  • Tracking chemical mixtures and usage on a daily basis.
  • A module is planned for development that will be specifically for area/field managers and inspectors to facilitate signing off of work done after final inspection.

With an added module called In Impi – A health screening app that compliments MOAT’s job management system with a Government compliant paperless application. Which can be recorded within the Governments regulations and reports can be sent and audited as required.

 You can’t manage what you can’t measure!

The Reporting System

The Internet (Cloud) based dashboard will allow for time sheet generation in the format required by EPWP/NRM/DEA which are easily exported to Excel/PDF for printing.
Allows the administrator to check PPE on each day with photographic evidence.
Allows for uploading geo-fenced areas for job cards (contracts) and time frames for the job card.
Allows quick and easy staff management, with adding new staff capability in the field or via the dashboard.
Allows quick data filtering from beneficiary lists for reporting needs for EPWP/NRM/DEA/Dep. Of Labour.
Push functionality which will be activated by specified triggers such as an HIRA report, IOD, Equipment/PPE/Chemical request is been planned.
Will allow for contractor development and provide reminders such as for: SARS renewal, CIPC renewal, tax returns etc is been planned.
Scanning of ID/Drivers license etc can be stored in the system to reduce the need for monthly hard copies to be made, with specific needed equipment.

Industry Driven

  • Government Projects

  • Implementing Agents to Government Projects

  • Agri Industry

  • Emerging Small Enterprises

  • Consultants

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